Days 17 &18 – Fail?

Published June 18, 2012 by fitflo

Oh dear if you’d’ve seen me yesterday…I did NOT look like a marathon runner, oh no no no quite the opposite. Why is it that at midnight, having already partied and drunk for 5 hours, it always seems like a great idea to carry on by going to the casino which is open 24 hours and sells alcohol til 3am? Seriously, I got taken over by some beer monster and we ended up rolling in at 4am absolutely sozzled. Sunday morning I woke up at 9am full of the joys of spring, popped round to the in-laws to say thanks for the previous evening and then popped to the shops to stock up on some much needed carbs. It’s OK I thought, I’ll just have a bite to eat then I’ll pop out for a run at about 2pm. I ate a hearty brekkie of eggs and bacon on toast washed down with plenty of tea, then crashed out on the sofa. 2 o clock came and went and I didn’t move…I’ll just have a little snooze, I thought, then I’ll pop to the gym for a swim at about 6pm. I went to bed, 6pm came and went, 7pm, 8pm, at 8.30 hubby made us some supper and then of course I couldn’t run or swim as I had a full belly. Then it was 10pm and time for bed. Ooops, Juneathon fail. But I’m going to pretend it didn’t happen as I am enjoying it and don’t want to stop.

As penance today, I decided that instead of doing my normal 2-3m Monday plod I’d do 5 miles – it took me just under an hour and I felt like I’d worked hard afterwards. I seem to be incapable of running anything more than 5-6 miles at the moment, I think I need to push myself and do a longer run sooner rather than later before I fall into the trap of thinking that’s all I can do.

Now I did promise a photo of me looking girlie, because I always post piccies of me looking sweaty at the end of a race on here. So, at the risk of seeimg a bit vain, here are 2 pics taken on Saturday evening. See – I can look like a girl!


12 comments on “Days 17 &18 – Fail?

  • What a pretty runner you are! I love the idea that such a metamorphosis is possible: one minute we are trying to catch some air, all sweaty and smelly and not elegant in our running shoes and then voila, minutes later we are real girls agian :-).

  • Are you one of those people (like me) who can’t leave a party then always feel the worse for wear the next day. I hope you are feeling more up to running now. If you need a fit note I can do one for you. I think you had an excellent excuse.

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