Day 21 – Calming

Published June 21, 2012 by fitflo

Had a manic day at work so got home desperate to get my trainers on and head out onto the lanes to get some fresh air into my lungs and look at some colours other than the glowing grey of a screen. Although rain threatened, it held off long enough for me to get 4 breezy, verdant miles in and returned home feeling far more like me than when I started.

Here was my favourite bit:

Because I promised cat photos, here’s one I bumped into on the way home. Not actually my cat, but her markings were so similar to my cat Jess I thought it was him and was going to tell him off for being so far away from home. It is possible they are related as we got him from a local pub. We were out for Sunday lunch when this really drunk woman walked in with a cat basket and dumped it on our table. After 5 minutes of listening to the kitten mewling, I got him out and he nuzzled into my neck and fell asleep there. Drunken woman came storming over, I thought there was going to be shouting but instead she said, I don’t want her – you can ‘ave her for a tenner. I did as any self respecting cat person would do, grabbed the basket and ran out to the car before she could change her mind (anyone who could even thinking about selling a kitten doesn’t deserve one in the 1st place) whilst shouting over my shoulder at my hubby to give her the 10 quid.  7 years later and Jesse (we later found out she was a he) is a firm member of the pride. So, what was the point of me telling you this, oh yes, here is a cat that looks like my cat but isn’t my cat.

And lastly, because my eyes need something colourful, here is a pic a friend of mine took in Vegas. When I go to Florida in September, I intend to scour every mall to find my own pair to bring home – they are Asics as well which is the brand I wear – WANT!!


Today: 4m

Total: 48.2m

Gym: 1h 40m

Swim: 0.5m

Walking: 2.5m


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