Day 24 & 25 – Honest

Published June 25, 2012 by fitflo

OK, time to be honest. I’ve not kept the Juneathoning up in the last 2 days. I’ve fallen off the running bandwagon BIG TIME – I mugged off a 10k trail run I had signed up (and paid) for yesterday (too wet) and I didn’t go to running club tonight. Now, I do have a fairly valid reason for this. You see, I’m one of life’s hoarders. I hoard clothes, shoes, costume jewellery, make up, wrapping paper, present bags…you name it, I have a drawer or a cupboard full of it. I hide it well – I have lots of cupboards and drawers so that on the surface my house looks reasonable tidy, but man, open those cupboards (especially the one in the spare room) and you risk being flattened by winkle pickers, legwarmers and batwing jumpers. I also have a garden full of pots, lots of bedding plants in plastic tubs, as well as the seedlings I have grown myself and a bind weed problem that the constant rain has made much worse than normal.

About once every 2-3 years I get the urge to purge. Like most divine interventions, it requires a certain set of circumstances to occur. They include, but are not limited to;

a) a recent night out drinking followed by a days heavy housework which makes me realise how full the cupboards are;

b) recent weight loss/gain prompting me to look for different clothes to wear;

c) an upcoming holiday or break requiring a different seasons clothes;

d) one of the cats getting stuck in the bindweed trying to get back into the garden from next door;

e) husband opening a cupboard and everything falling on him.

This purge was triggered by ALL OF THE ABOVE happening within a 24 hour period, thus encouraging much activity on my part which is likely to continue for a few more days.

It started, as you know, with Saturdays hangover fuelled housework session. By the way Katie I WILL take you up on your offer sometime:

Once I’d done the housework on Saturday (a) , I got out my suitcase and started looking for my swimsuits, as I’m off to Center Parcs next weekend for a spa break (c). As I was busy panicking calmly searching, I asked hubby to get something out of the spare room cupboard for me, he opened it and a shop full of shoes, boots and sandals fell at his feet (e). Whilst trying to find places to stuff them back into, I came across a pair of trousers I haven’t worn for ages as they were too tight. I tried them on and they fit (yay) which promted me to start looking for other clothes I may now fit into (b). Finally, I was sitting in the garden taking a break with a cuppa when Oliver came bounding across the fence and nearly garotted himself on the way down on the bindweed (d). So you see, it is a Perfect Storm – one that I could not possibly predict, but once in motion I just have to go with it. I therefore spent most of yesterday painting special weedkiller on the bindweed, cutting back trees and bushes and clearing out and repotting 20 (yes 20!) garden pots of various shapes and sizes, from little single plant ones to multi plant troughs. When I got home this evening, I checked evey item of clothing in all 3 of my wardrobes, and now have a large pile for the charity shop, a smaller pile to sell on ebay, and a bag of winter stuff to go back in the loft. On the list for tomorrow is sorting out my jewellery and make up and Wednesdays job is throwing away the 10 year old yellowed wrapping paper and christmas cards I bought in the January sales then stuffed in the back of the cupboard and forgot about.

I am going to fit some exercise in tomorrow morning as I don’t start work until 12pm so plenty of time for sorting AND a workout. I have worked up a sweat doing all of these jobs so although technically it’s not proper Juneathoning, perhaps if I offer to go round to jogblogs, get drunk with her then clean her house (not that I think it’s dirty or anything) she might let me get away with it? I’ll keep blogging and logging at any rate…


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