Days 26 & 27 – HOT!

Published June 27, 2012 by fitflo

Wow it’s hot tonight. And somehow I did a 4 mile hilly tempo run – average 11m miles, thank god for running buddies to pull you along!

Yesterday I did an exercise class at the gym. It was called We’ll make you sweat like a pig for half an hour and follow it up with a wicked weights session so you won’t be able to move anything without pain the day after, or something like that. I loved it.

Tomorrow I’m going for a swim, in preparation for the Biathlon I am doing on Saturday morning to celebrate the end of Juneathon. Yes, despite my flakiness over the last month, I am going to end with a flourish: A 5 mile race on Friday evening and a mini Biathlon on Saturday morning (it starts at 7.15am – don’t ask). Then, I’m going to bring in July with a 10k at Regents Park.

I am rediscovering hardcore.


Today: 4.1

Total: 53.3m

Gym: 2h 40m

Swim: 0.5m

Walking: 2.5m


9 comments on “Days 26 & 27 – HOT!

    • I just did some searching. A biathlon is any sporting event made up of 2 disciplines (although often refers to the winter vent of cross country skiing with shooting – i knew there was shooting somewhere) and a duathlon is specifically run,bike,run. Is that what you’re doing?… Or are you shooting stuff too?

  • I wish I was shooting stuff. I did point out that the use of Biathlon was incorrect – it’s a 400m swim followed by a 5k run. Our running club takes on the local kids swimming club every year to raise money for their club. It’s all a bit of a laugh but of course I shall be taking it very seriously…I’ve been looking at tri suits on ebay…

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