The comeback queen

Published August 7, 2012 by fitflo

TR24 has done wonders for my desire to run again. I’m not saying I’ve gone out there and banged out a load of 10ks, but I ran twice last week and on Monday I returned to running club after an absence of over 4 weeks and ran 4.6m.

I’m doing this Dietbet thingy and I only have 8 days left to lose 3 pounds otherwise in lose my £15. Yes, I am that shallow that I’m motivated by money, but hey, if it works… So despite that fact that all I wanted to do was flop in front of the telly to catch up on the days Olympic action, I forced myself to pull on my running shoes and do a 3m circuit. My aim was to run it all, as I’ve turned into a bit of a walking wuss since my weekend of shame when I DNFd the biathlon and walked a 10k. I almost managed it except for the Hill of Doom which regular readers will remember from my Janathon and Juneathon runs home. I live at the top of a hill so to do any distance at some point I’ll have to go down, which means every run has a nasty uphill. Here is tonights: 90m climb in 400m.


I planned to do a long run on Sunday to kick start my run to the beat training, however I was lucky enough to be offered a ticket to the Olympic Hockey on Sunday morning so of course that took precedence. I can’t upload any photos at the moment because my laptop is broken, but trust me when I say it was fabulous. We were there for the morning session so perhaps didn’t have the stress most people have with security, but I thought everything ran really smoothly and it was just a cool experience. We ended up sitting in a bar in Westfield when Andy Murray won gold, and a massive cheer erupted which made me come out in goosebumps all over my body and tears well in my eyes. A moment I won’t ever forget.

So that brings you up to speed on me, I’m off to to read all of your blogs now to catch up.

Oh, and if you get the chance to go to the Olympic Park – take it!


4 comments on “The comeback queen

  • How is the Dietbet getting on. I hope you have succeeded. I found I had to increase the amount of protein in my diet especially with all the running I was doing.

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