Technical Glitch

Published August 14, 2012 by fitflo

I’m suffering lots of technical difficulties at the moment.

My laptop is broken and is off somewhere being repaired (which I suspect is not possible so I’ll get a replacement).

My garmin has died and I can’t find the charger.

My iPad is playing up and when I type it keeps. Putting random. Full stops in the text (it did those not me!).

Worst of all, the post run bottle of water I had in my kit bag last night was leaking…all over my iPhone, so that is now also kaput.

Luckily my legs still work, and I’ve been slowly building my mileage back up. I ran 4 mid week runs last week averaging 3-4m and on Saturday morning I did a lovely 5.5m trail run. I don’t know why I didn’t think of the route whilst I was training for TR24 – it’s the cycle route from Luton to Harpenden, but it has mud and hills and tree roots to avoid and more hills so it really is a great training route. I enjoyed it so much I decided to do cross country again last night with club, and did another 5.5m this time across fields and up trails, another hilly one and at times I wished I’d worn my Merrells as I slipped around a bit on the wet grass and got stuck in the mud!

So, apologies for the brevity of the post, it’s taken me ages as I have to keep removing the extra full stops!


8 comments on “Technical Glitch

  • Tht’s so nnoying! I remember when my computer wouldn’t let me type the letter t the beginning of the lphbet, nd I ended up copying the letter from elsewhere but I got fed up of trying to copy nd pste it in to nything and everything I was writing so I just gve up in the end. It ws bit of n rse though.
    I hope ll your gdgetry hels itself nd it doesn’t cost you a pcket to get them replced.

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