I won my @DietBet !!

Published August 24, 2012 by fitflo

You may remember a little while ago I wrote about signing up to DietBet. Well, I won!! When I say I won, I mean I hit my weight loss target of 4% in 4 weeks, so I shared the pot (minus Dietbets charge) with the other two players who also hit their goals. I turned my $25 into $58.33 – YAY!

I found it so motivating that I have signed up to do another one. I think it was the accountability of weighing in with someone (I had to send a photo of the scaels and me on them at the beginning and end of the challenge) and they send out a daily e-mail, with little tips which helped me stay focussed. Most of all, as other people were posting their weights and I realised I had a chance of not only getting my money back but actually MAKING some, I REALLY went for it. So now I know I am extremely shallow and motivated by money. Hey ho! The next one starts on the 1st of September and I am in Florida from the 3rd to the 18th. I’m not sure it’s great timing, but I’m hoping that will encourage me to do a bit of running and not eat too much.

If you would like to join in, here is the link to the game I am playing in:



13 comments on “I won my @DietBet !!

  • Hehe… Well done you. I’m surprised people are honest about this to be frank but hey, if they were daft enough to pay money and then not lose weight, then you take full advantage 🙂
    Good luck with round two.

  • Brilliant!! Well done you!!!!, and it is a better return than I get from playing the lottery LOL! You can put the $58 towards those gorgeous trainers you showed me x

  • That’s awesome and sounds like fun. May have to give it a go… Am in need of some motivation following a ‘pah, I’m on holiday and I can’t eat this in Malaysia’ approach to my stay in the UK!!!

  • Yaaaaaay!!!!!! That is FANTASTIC! I have been so pants at sticking to any form of diet or exercise recently that I’m thinking this may be the way forward! I already know I’m highly motivated by money… I’m just usually not very good at making it or keeping hold of it!! 🙂 xx

    • Lol! Me neither! This gave me the extra motivation I needed to get out and do some running, as I always see a bigger weight loss when I run. I think the one I’m in now has a pot of nearly $200 so worth joining 😉

  • Well done – wish I could stay focussed on the weightloss but I keep falling off the wagon. Good luck with your next stint x

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