I’m a reject :-(

Published September 27, 2012 by fitflo

I know it’s been nearly a month since my last post but if I try to catch you up on everything that’s happened we’ll be here all day. S,o in a nutshell, I went on holiday to Florida for 16 days, played in Universal, Seaworld, Aquatica etc etc for a week then relaxed on Clearwater Beach for the rest. Ate and drank too much, didn’t run enough (4 times on a treadmill and one awesome run across Clearwater Bridge) and generally had a fabulous time.

Since I’ve been back work has been manic – month end this week which is always busy, on top of which we are moving offices on Saturday so we have all the packing and prepping to do. It’ll all be worth it though because the new office has an onsite gym and showers, which means I can run to work, and it’s going to save me £900 a year in gym membership fees – yay!

Despite this I have managed to fit in some exercise, mainly due to some much needed prodding from my friend fro running club Elaine. A 2.5m ease in plod on Monday night, 1km swim on Wednesday morning in Lutons shiny new pool which is 50m long and a delight to swim in, then a 4.75 run tonight. I found it really hard going as the pace was pretty quick – 11min miles for most of it, but Elaine stayed with me and kept me going,

She is continuing the bullying encouragement by meeting me from work tomorrow for a 90 minute run home, JOY! No, really, I am so grateful to her for getting me out – if you don’t already belong to a running club I would urge you to join one now a you just can’t buy this sort of support!

So, to the title of this post. I didn’t get a ballot place in the London Marathon. My reasons for wanting to run it again after last years disaster is probably fodder for another post, but I was disappointed when I got my reject jacket. However, I do have a plan B (the reject ballot at running club) and plan C (Blackpool Marathon which is mid-April). Wish me luck!



8 comments on “I’m a reject :-(

  • You did brilliant last night, really came out of your comfort zone, now then one thing we do know is this come next spring we ARE doing a marathon, so here is where the schedule starts! See you later for a lovely run x

  • you are doing great! and what do you mean ‘last years’ disaster’? You finished! you have the medal, don’t be so hard on yourself, it was your first marathon, after all…. I think I will have to move to Luton just to join the Stopsley Striders 🙂

  • er, yes… Sorry – last year’s disaster?!!! Would that be running a marathon only 15 months after taking up running. Blimey – what the hell do your successes look like? IronMan in stilettos?! 50m pool sounds pretty peachy. Good luck with the move and jogging to work 🙂

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