Published October 8, 2012 by fitflo

3 weeks back from holiday and I’m still eating rubbish and not running. I also seem to have wandered back into the realm of a smoker (when I’ve had a drink or two) and going out too much!

I have to start a new eating and exercise plan on a monday otherwise it just doesn’t feel right (go figure!) so today I stopped eating rubbish, ate some healthy food, drank lots of water and went for a run. Only 2 miles but a run is better than none.

I’m signed up for Run to the Beat which is the 28th October, but I’ve decided I’m not going to do it as there is NO WAY I’ll be fit enough to run 13.1 miles in 3 weeks. Instead I’m going to do my first ever cross country race for my running club on the same day. I’m really loking forward to a nice muddy country run as opposed to a 13.1m road slog. And it gives me 8 weeks to train for the Bedford Half. Which is the day after my work christmas do, so I guess I won’t be going to that!

Finally, a bit late but here are a couple of pics my the hols – Harry Potter world at Universal and a lovely sunset at Clearwater Beach.

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6 comments on “Stoptober

  • healthy living plan mark 5734 started for me on Monday too. I can only start on a Monday and if I fail on the first day have to wait till the next monday. Stupid brain. I’m tired, hungry and sore from doing weights but that’s good pain right? Living in bikini land definitely doesn’t help at times like this. Good luck for your revival 🙂

  • me too! Mondays are defo the best days 🙂 Good luck for your cross country race! I was so nervous before last weeks’ mudfest, but actually really enjoyed it .. 1h18!!! to do a 5k LOL and I was on page 2 out of 5 of the results – first time ever, I am usually on last or second last page – really looking forward to the HM in Bedford, pity about your work do, can’ you go just for a short while?

  • LOL isn’t it wierd how the brain works! I am looking forward to getting muddy and getting some more use out f my trail shoes. I’m not that bothered about the Christmas do – I sort of embarrassed myself last year so a break might do me (and my job security) good!

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