Competition! (Well, sort of)

Published October 11, 2012 by fitflo

Another 4 miles tonight brings my weeks mileage up to 10.7 so far. If I manage what I have planned, this’ll be my best week since the beginning of August, which bodes well for me getting back on plan for my next half marathon.

Now, I need some help. I seem to have lost all semblance of willpower. Since starting my heathy eating plan on Monday, I have eaten 2 Butterfingers*, 2 buttercream-filled blueberry muffins and 2 mini lemon drizzle cakes with a lemon curd centre, as well as all my normal food. Oh, and a tub of peanut butter ice-cream (Asda sell it, it’s not quite as good as the stuff I had in Florida, but it’s not bad!). I didn’t buy the cakes – one of the girls at works’ brother is a mystery shopper and this week he is doing Sainsburys Patisserie counters and gets to keep what he buys (and he claims the cost back AND gets paid – I WANT HIS JOB!). So to save him eaing 8 cakes a day, he sends them in to us. An office of 5 women. All on a diet… I just can’t say no, they’re tasty, pretty and most of all FREE! What can a girl say? So, despite having exercised every day, I have gained a pound this week. I need some help.

I’m offering a substantial prize to anyone who can help me stick to a healthy eating plan for a day. Suggestions in the comments please – I’ll try each of them out for a day, You can suggest foods, diet plans, supplements (reasonable cost please), drinks, mental exercises…whatever. I will incorporate a minimum of 30 minutes exercise into each day and will blog results daily.

The winner is the one whose day I eat the least calories on, and I’ll think of a suitable prize – maybe the equivalent of all the chocolate and cakes I don’t eat for a week! Oh, and world fame when I lose 5 stone and sell my story to Closer magazine saying that it was the amazing new diet plan by {insert your name here} that got me this slim and gorgeous and you should rush out and get their book (I’ll give you ample warning so you can self publish ready for it on Kindle). Am aware I am rambling now…the point is suggestions to help me stick to a helathy eating plane would be great thanks!

*Delicious chocolate peanut butter brittle-type bars I brought back from America which are nearly all gone but I have discovered they sell on Amazon – oh dear…


9 comments on “Competition! (Well, sort of)

  • Try #tweetwhatyoueat The idea is that you tweet absolutely every morsel you eat as soon as you’ve consumed it and use the hashtag #tweetwhatyoueat and so other dieters can see what you’re up to and support you. If you’re honest about it, then you’ll feel bad for eating too much, and you also won’t want to bore people by updating every 5 minutes so you won’t eat things that you shouldn’t. xxxx

  • well done on all the running! you are really putting in the miles 🙂
    I can totally empathise with you, as someone who for years tried every diet and eating plan known to mankind, ask me about ANY diet and I can tell you all about it !! LOL.
    Once I started running in 2008, I was eating for the A-team (my thinking was ‘I ran off 200 calories, so I can eat a chocolate bar, etc etc) When I did my first marathon, I was half a stone heavier on race day than when I had started training 😦
    At the end of 2010 we started a weight loss club at work, and I lost half a stone quite quickly. Suddenly my running times were magically improving, and I decided to try and lose as much as I could, but be within the normal limits for my height and build. What really works for me, is to have a slimfast or other equivalent meal substitution drink for dinner. Of course there are times when this just will not work, if you have a race or long run the next day for instance, but when I can, that is what I do. I also try to stick to around 1200 calories a day, when I can.

    I watched that Horizon program a few months back, and have been trying to give the 5:2 diet a go..
    but because we exercise so much it is hard to find 2 days to do the 600 calories on..

    good luck my dear, the only way is down, and you will be leaving us all in your dust soon!

  • Keep a food diary.

    Use smaller plates to make larger portions an active choice not an automatic given.

    Rather than ban foods, choose not to eat them one day at a time. Knowing that you can choose to eat a cream cake tomorrow if you want to makes it easier to not eat one today.

  • What really helped me was NOT eating in the kitchen but making sure all food is plated nicely and brought to the dining table (on a small plate). Somehow by building this discipline in (and not eating the first sandwich while preparing the second one) I cut off loads of calories and did not feel hungry.

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