Restart MkII

Published October 14, 2012 by fitflo

OK, so last weeks restart wasn’t a total loss. I ran 4 times, a total of 13.8 miles, which is my longest outdoor (as opposed to treadmill) mileage since the 2nd week of August. I also did one swim session. I think, in terms of my exercise, I’m definitely in the zone mentally, I have my support group set up with Elaine, Tracey and Christa from running club and am confident I’ll achieve what I did last week as a minimum going forward – gradually building up to an extra running session and a weights session in the gym.

However, my gluttony has increased. I was OK Monday and Tuesday but on Wednesday, after an early morning swim session, I ate and ate and ate and ate.  Thursday was OK again (homemeade chilli in the slow cooker ready when I got back from running club stopped me bingeing) but on Friday I had no brekkie, then Pizza for lunch and Fish and Chips for tea. Saturday, a healthy shake for breakfast to fuel a great parkrun result* followed by 8 hours of grazing on party food and birthday cake**. Today has seen me devour a full english breakfast with toast, a scone with full fat butter and jam, a family size bag of crisps, a doorstep cheese sarnie and a bagel and hot chocolate. Sitting here at 10.30 I am full of regret for a day wasted lounging on the sofa and completing a marathon of eating and not much else.

Thankfully, the day has not been a complete wash out as, following comments made on Thursdays post, I have devised my strategy, based on what I see as my major stumbling blocks.

  • I’m lazy. Faced with the choice of a run or a day on the sofa munching, I will always choose the latter by default.
  • The more processed carbs I eat the more I want. I know that I shouldn’t eat too many carbs. Bread makes me come out in a rash, potatoes make me sleepy and pasta gives me stomch cramps. The healthiest I’ve ever felt is when I’ve restricted processed carbs.
  • I get a high from exercise that helps me stick to a healthy eating plan. No explanation needed there.
  • I’m REALLY easily influenced away from healthy eating by friends/family/random strangers eating toast. But I can’t blame them for making me fat – I choose to eat it, I could just say no!

Luckily, I you all came up with some great ideas, and I’m going to take a little from each.

Alma suggested the 5-2 diet as seen on Horizon a while ago. If you haven’t come across it, the premise is that you consume very few calories twice a week (600 for men, 500 for women) then the rest of the week you eat a normal amount of calories (2500 for men, 2000 for women). The idea is that by fasting your body produces less of the growth hormone IGF-1 which is thus encourages fat burning. Read here for more details.

Kim suggested tweetwhatyoueat where you tweet everyething you eat and hopefully by knowing that it will stop you eating rubbish. I don’t quite get twitter, so instead I am going to blog daily for the next week, listing everything I eat and the exercise I do.

Helen suggested a llife coach. Whilst I can’t quite afford that, I have downloaded some books to my Kindle about mental wellbeing, achieving goals, and a couple more running books to give me the inspiration and get me in the right frame of mind.

My plan is to do my low-cal days on Monday and Friday. I’ll run Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and possibly Sundays and fit in a swim and gym session on Wednesday, Friday will be a complete rest day. Every evening I’ll blog my day, and then read one of my inspirational books for at least 30 minutes.

Lastly, I’m going to do a weekly weigh in and stats update with a photo on a Monday. That bit scares me the most, as the thought of people knowing what I weigh makes me feel so ashamed. But that’s the point – I need to be public about this to shame me into doing something about it. If I carry on as I am I’m going to regain everything I’ve lost and just get more and more unhealthy. Plus I’ve given away my really large clothes (although I am back in my large clothes and they are stretching at the seams) and I can’t afford to buy new ones!

*I did the inaugural Southend (really Shoeburyness) parkrun yesterday, where I met up with Sharon and Louise. Sharon paced me to a 33.30 finish which I was pleased with given my extra weight and lack of training.

**It was my nephews 1st birthday yesterday. Here is a photo of the cutie and me – made me realise just how much weight I have put on, that top has never showed cleavage before…


5 comments on “Restart MkII

  • What a cutie! I can’t believe he is a year already .. good luck for the new regime, I know you can do it, and we will be right here for any moral support you may need … well done on your parkrun time! looking forward to seeing you soon for Luton volunteering xx

  • you have set yourself a very busy running schedule, why not take 2 rest days initially, or one rest day and one ‘easy exercise’ day, such as a swim? I know you like to do your long run on a Saturday, so either give yourself Sunday off or just do something non-impact? If you look at the non-runners marathon guide, they suggested taking the day before and after your long run off. Perhaps run 3-4 times a week, 2 days ‘cross training’ and 1 or 2 days off depending on how you feel? Sorry, hope you don’t mind my suggesting this? At the end of the day, you have to do what works for you xx

    • I think you’re right alma I will need to tweak it as I go along, I was totally lacking in energy yesterday so ended up not running. I’m going to be a bit more relaxed about it and aim for 3 running sessions, a gym and a swim and if I do any more its a bonus. You are v wise woman and I really value your advice – you have done so well yourself xx

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