5:2 Lifestyle Day One

Published October 15, 2012 by fitflo

Ok, here we go!

Today was my first day and I thought it best jump in with both feet, so I made it a fast day – here’s how it went.

9am Breakfast: Biosynergy Strawberry Skinny Protein shake 40g made with water and 5g soaked chia seeds (to thicken it up) 188 cals

2pm Lunch: Homemade soup with 1 thin rasher osf streaky bacon, carrots, onion, pepper, garlic, organic chicken stock, lentils and pearl barley (it was LUSH!) 178 cals

7pm Dinner: MaHOOsive bowl of salad (spinach, romaine lettuce, radish, cucumber, watercress and grated carrot), with 75g grilled chicken breast, 5ml balsamic vinegar and 5ml olive oil 227 cals

Drinks through the day: Water, water, more water and one black coffee.

Total for the day 593 cals.

I’m really pleased with this as my aim was between 500 – 600 and I just snuck in! I haven’t done any exercise as I wanted to see how I’d cope with the massive drop in calorie intake – I reckon my normal daily consumption is around 2200-2500 cals so we’re talking a quarter of that today. You know what…it was OK. I had a slight wobble when offered a coconut cupcake, but I just thought if I still want it, I’ll have it tomorrow. I was really busy at work, so I didn’t actually miss eating at any point as I just didn’t have time. It makes me wonder how much of what I eat is because I’m actually hungry, or because I’m bored…or stressed…or happy…or sad…. I know it’s a bit early to say, but I think this way of eating is going to help me get back in touch with my body and knowing when I actually need food as opposed to just needing to feed…something else.

So, to the hard bit, my stats. I’m just too ashamed to post a photo of me in my bra and knickers although I’ve taken some so that when I’ve lost 5 stone I’ve got a point of reference, but I’m just not prepared to share them yet. However, I am ready to share the rest, so here goes.

Weight: 17 st 0.5lbs (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek) Perfect for my height….if I was 7ft 6in

Neck: 14 inches

Wasit: 39 inches

Hips: 48.5 inches

There you have it. Day one done, and it was nowhere near as bad as I expected. Next update tomorrow, it’s 8pm and I’m off to bed  that I’m not tempted to wander into the kitchen…



7 comments on “5:2 Lifestyle Day One

  • Was about to comment on your last blog that id heard about this plan and it sounded good
    Well done for being so determined to get back on the exercise and weight loss wagon… You can do it!

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