5:2 Diet Day Two

Published October 16, 2012 by fitflo

Absolutely manic day at work today, I was in in the office from 8.45 am til 8.30 pm, which helped me stick to the diet. Luckily I had a good breakfast as I didn’t get to eat lunch til 2.30pm and was still eating it at 7pm. I was only half way through so I gave up and saved it for tomorrows lunch.

So, todays food was as follows:

8.30am Breakfast: Large egg scrambled, slice of bacon, half a toasted multiseed bagel, teaspoon of lurpak lighter, dolce gusto skinny latte 413 cals

12pm Snack: Plum 46 cals

2.30 – 7pm Lunch: Chicken and rice salad (lots of greenery), teaspoon each of olive oil and balsamic vinegar 322 cals

9pm Dinner: Homemade chilli and rice with tablespoon of low fat cheese, bottle of Desperadoes (tequila beer yum!), homemade coconut and apple cupcake 708 cals

Drinks through the day: Water and green tea. No exercise as I didn’t have time.

Total for the day: 1489 cals

I was aiming for 1500 cals, so another good result. The only negative I’ve found so far is that I was sooo hungry last night it was almost painful and kept me awake for at least 2 hours after I’d gone to bed (and then I dreamt about food).

So far I haven’t felt deprived – but I really do think that’s down to the fact that I’ve been so busy at work I hardly had time to go to the loo let alone think about food. This is just reaffirming what I’d already started to think which is that probably 50% of my eating is driven by factors OTHER than hunger. I’m trying to view thisas a positive experience as I’m learning about my appetite, and that I don’t need anywhere near as much food as I thought!

I spent 30 mins before bed last night reading a book about slimming mindset, which talks about using positive, decisive and direct language when you self talk. For example when you glance in the mirror instead of saying to yourself ‘I’m fat and ugly’ in your head, you should say ‘I have nice eyes and good skin’ or ‘I have a great smile and I’m a good friend’ (I’m not necessarily referring to myself here!). It also touches on cognitive behavioural therapy which I have briefly looked at before, so I’m going to do some more reading around that as the whole idea of harnessing the power of the mind and positive reinforcement really interests me. I’m enjoying this so far (wow, I’ve never said that about a diet plan!) and I think sharing with you guys is helping that. So thanks for reading and for all your support and suggestions.


4 comments on “5:2 Diet Day Two

  • Carla – well done on sticking to the eating plan so far – what’s the name of the book? I really need to get my eating under control :0(

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