Running update and 5:2 Diet week 2

Published October 30, 2012 by fitflo

End of week two and things are going well. I’ll update monthly but the stats are moving in the right direction. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it’s OK, and I’m combining it with weightwatchers so that I don’t go nutty on my feast days (as I am very tempted to!).

On Sunday I did my 1st cross country run for my running club. The last (and only other time) I’ve ever run cross country I was 11 years old, and as part of our PE cirriculum we had to do a 2.5k cross country run through Hainault Forest. Like most kids forced to do similar things in the 80s, I’d never run before, I was probably wearing plimsolls, a vest and shorts, it was cold, wet, very muddy, I hated every minute of it and I came last. In fact it’s probably the reason I never tried running again until 2 years ago. I came across the certificate a couple of months ago whilst I was going through some old stuff at my Mums so I can even prove it!

My very first running certificate

Sundays run was in some respects the same – a slightly longer 4.5 miles of cold, muddy, hilly, wet trail but that’s where the similarity ends because it was brilliant! It was 3 laps with FOUR hill climbs and 2 water crossings per lap. The small water crossing (pics below) wasn’t too bad, but the big one was a 3ft muddy bank into knee deep water with a hip high muddy bank to clamber up the other side. When I first got to it I just looked at it and turned around – not to avoid doing it but just to ask someone HOW? Luckily our coach Bill saw my indecision and shouted (he has a very strong Irish accent but even I understood)  JUST JUMP IN WITH TWO FEET CARLA! So I did, and it was squelchy and freezing but it felt sort of like I was being a naughty kid which was compounded when I got covered in mud crawling up the other side and I enjoyed every second of it. I’ll admit I found the constant up and down of the course hard as there was no respite, but I finished and I wasn’t last thanks to some great support from the rest of the team. And they’ve assued me that was the toughest couse so next time will be better.

Here are a couple of pics from the ‘easy’ water crossing the other one was twice as deep, twice as cold, an 3 times muddier. I really need a new hat…

The little water crossing


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