Mud, glorious mud!

Published November 12, 2012 by fitflo

I procrastinate no longer!! In the last week, I’ve spent more time running (3.5 hrs) than blogging (o hrs) or planning running (about 5 mins exchanging emails with running buds). I ran 5 times last week (yay!) for a total of 17 miles, by far my favourite 5 were yesterdays cross country race. I managed to finish 9th from bottom, an improvement of 5 positions from my last one – GO ME!

I think these photos say everything that needs to be said about yesterday:

Ok, so my shoes weren’t gleaming, but you could at least see the logo! (A lovely pair of Merrell trail running shoes – a couple of seasons old but my old faithfuls).

This is the first run that has made me want to buy some spikes – after collecting 5 miles of mud my feet felt like they weighed a stone each.

That middle hill felt like the looooongest hill in the world…

The only downside were the big scary fields with cows and everything, but I think the landowner gave permission for the race to go on so I wasn’t chased by a mad farmer with a gun or dogs or anything. I don’t want you to think I’m moaning, I enjoyed every minute of it – what’s not to love about running through beautiful countryside, under blue skies with friendly marshalls clapping encouragement along the way?

This weekend is the Luton Marathon, and I’m very excited to be taking part as a marshall. I’ve given myself the title of chief hug dispenser – I give great hugs (something to do with being tall and ‘cuddly’) and am looking forward to paying forward the support I’ve received at races over the last 2 years.


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