The night (mare) before Christmas

Published December 24, 2012 by fitflo

Luton Borough council have managed to do at least one thing right with my council tax money and developed a great cycle/run route from Luton to Harpenden. Conveniently it’s tarmacced (is that the right spelling?) for 4 miles so you can do anything from 0 – 8 miles all completely traffic free. After 4 miles the path does goes on but its more like a bridleway – I’ve yet to run that bit.

This morning a group of 20 of us met up for a Christmas Eve run adorned in santa hats, earmuffs and the like.  The hardcore bods did 12 miles (yikes), us sensible gals did 4 miles. I spent all of the run 2nd from the back of the pack. Behind me was Tony from Striders, a jolly fellow who, like me, is carrying a few extra pounds but still runs well. The route is fairly undulating which although I moan about hills, I actually enjoy. Through doing cross country I’ve realised there are people out there WHO DON’T LIKE RUNNING DOWNHILL!! So, I’ve developed a strategy where I plod the flat, walk as fast as I can up hills and then open up and barrell down hill. It’s served me well at xc – if I get overtaken by 2 people up a long hill I will generally catch them up and overtake them and an extra one on the down hill.

Anyway, that’s what I was doing today, whereas Tony will just keep a consistent pace up. Each time we got to the top of a hill, he would just catch me up then I would streak off (that may be a slight exaggeration but you get my point). There was a cool long downhill at the end so I finished about 2 minutes ahead of Tony, but back in the car park he came over and (very good-naturedly) started having a go at me. He said every time he got within touching distance of me, the down hill would come and off I’d go. He called me the hill-bitch, which some may take offense to but I LOVE! What a great nickname, I can just imagine all my competitors from other clubs  at cross country (all 8 people that finish behind me) standing around pointing at me saying Yeh, watch out for that Carla – she’s a right hill-bitch! Hehe. Maybe I should make it my new blog name!

So, run done, supermarket tackled and housework finished, I am now crashed on the sofa watching The Nightmare before Christmas.

As close to a perfect Christmas Eve as possible.


5 comments on “The night (mare) before Christmas

  • Love it! Hill-bitch LOL.. well done on the 4 miles!!
    keen to come and do one of the cross country races with you, I think we sort of talked about Feb?
    Enjoy your well deserves veg in front of the telly and have a wonderful day tomorrow xxx

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