Lack of inspiration

Published January 1, 2013 by fitflo

I wish I was one of those (quite frankly strange and possibly a little untrustworthy) people that doesn’t drink alcohol. How lovely it must be to wake up on New Years day with a clear head and a spring in your step, ready for the challenges and excitement the New Year brings.

Alas, I do like a drink now and then -I’ll go weeks without even thinking about it and then when I get started I consume the equivalent of a small off license and last night was no different. I drank, in no particular order, Desperadoes, Carlsberg, Jaeger bombs (what am I 18??), Goldschlager, Sambuca, and G & T.  Yeuch, makes me feel quite sick just thinking about it. Despite all that, I did manage to drag myself out for a run mostly because I’d arranged to meet Elaine and didn’t want to wuss out. We did about 3 miles – with her cold and my hangover it was more of a lumbering plod, but it was a beautifully sunny and fresh morning so I was glad to be out.

So, 1st day of Janathon done. I’m delighted that a couple of friends from my running club have also joined us this year. So, in the style of Bridget Jones may I introduce:

Elaine, who is the boss of me when we are running my primary training partner. the Luton marathon organiser, and a lover of all things furry

Lorraine, She joined us for TR24, is very hardcore and even more competitive than me (honestly!) so I expect to see her in the top 10 of the Janathon table

Hels who does all sorts of fab volunteering, was very involved at the Olympics, performed in the Paralympic closing ceremony and will no doubt have lots of funny tales for us.

Pop over and say hi!




14 comments on “Lack of inspiration

  • Great going, I too only managed around 3 miles without a hangover so top effort. Great you’ve recruited some others, now following all of you. Best of luck to everyone. Day one DONE!

  • Hey there hill bitch! Lol.. Thanks for a first… I have never been mentioned in a blog before.. That I know of anyway! And you managed to make me sound quite interesting! Have also dragged my sorry arse out today.. Although I missed the crispy sunshine and did the cold dark instead! Lesson for me in not putting it off until later 😦 xx (ps… I’m loving your hill style.. I too prefer to walk up and run hell for leather down!)

  • he he! You don’t really wish you don’t drink, you wish you were one of the weirder people who can bounce out of bed the following morning with no ill effects 😉

    Great start to 2013 🙂

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