The wonder of Janathon

Published January 2, 2013 by fitflo

The days when you really NEED to run are the days you don’t want to.

My head was pounding all day protesting the lack of cheese and chocolate for the 2nd day in a row.

My stomach was growling protesting the lack of bread, pasta and other such white carbs.

I was swamped with work and we ended up staying later to get through it.

I argued with myself the whole way home. I can’t fail Janathon on day 2, but I just don’t have the energy to go out for a run. It’s day 2 I can’t possibly wimp out, but I am so tired, I won’t last 5 minutes. Well that’s OK 5 mins are better than 0 minutes. Oh whatever just go for a run then, do what you want. I ran upstairs when I got in and I’m either going to sound really weird here or you’ll know EXACTLY what I mean – I put my running gear on whilst trying not to notice I was putting it on. So one part of me was saying hey – what are you doing – I’m not going for a run…whilst the other part of me answered – look away ma’am, nothing to see here… Like I said, you’ll think me nuts or comment that you’ve done the same!

Anyway, upshot of all that rambling is, I didn’t want to run tonight, had it not been for Janathon I wouldn’t have, but I did and I felt so much better for it. So if you haven’t already done yours – what are you waiting for?

Janathon so far

Run: 5,1m


19 comments on “The wonder of Janathon

  • I know exactly what you mean.. especially in the rain we have had lately, I have often really had to force myself out the door – but as you say, you always feel better after a run, no matter how long or short xx

  • As usual, your writing made me giggle! I play all sorts of head games to get out of the door, but if it works… Well done on the run! (Sorry about double post, can you delete previous comment which wasn’t finished when my hand slipped!)

  • Hurrah for the power of the Janathon motivation 🙂 Am hoping that I can use Janathon to break my ‘can’t be arsed’ habits. Mind you – not sure that 31 days can under 34 1/2 years of determined practice!

  • Oh yes, I certainly recognise that “getting into running kit without noticing” trick. Well done you, or getting out there after work.

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