Published January 5, 2013 by fitflo


I like to ensure I can be seen when I go out running – here’s what I was wearing on Thursday night – and yes, the front of the trainers do glow in the dark!

Todays run was the St Albans Parkrun, which I was very kindly ferried to by Lorraine. I asked her to pace me to a PB, which she really tried to do, but alas my new found lardage (10lb gained from 1st Dec – 1st Jan) prevented that, although I still finished in a respectable 32:49 (let’s not mention the fact that I nearly threw up at the end – only the fact that I hadn’t eaten prevented it).

I am dreading tomorrows run – am off to sunny Essex for a hen do tonight, and my brother has threatened a 5 miles run at 9am to clear the hangover. I might die – would that be a good enough reason to not log and blog?…

Janathon totals:

11.3m run
3.1m walked


14 comments on “Flouro!

  • Gorgeous shoes! I need more flair. Not sure what a “hen do” is, but I gather from the continued text that it involves a hangover — thus must be fun 😉 I too gained 10 lb. from mid-November thru the holidays, so I’d say we should both be quite proud of any fitness efforts at all! Thank God for Janathon & its fellowship 🙂

  • Awesome awesome awesome! If you are going to do it, you have to do it properly that’s what I say when it comes to kit. Fabulous 🙂 Hope the 5 miler restores rather than anything less pleasant!

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