Another hungover run

Published January 6, 2013 by fitflo

This mornings run was every bit as tough as I thought it would be. Had a cracking night at the hen do, they had a vodka luge – I’ve never seen one before but by the end of the night I was a pro. We got home at 1am and I felt OK. If there was a sliding scale to measure drunkenness – say from mildly tipsy to Barney off the Simpsons sleeping in the gutter, I was about a quarter of the way across. I even managed to take my make up off!

My nephew woke us up at the fairly reasonable time of 8am, we had a cuppa and then my brother and I got our kit on and headed out.

100 metres in I sounded (and felt) like a huffy puffy old steam engine. I tried to give up and go back but my bro was having none of it. I whined and said can we just do 3miles and no hills, he said OK – he LIED! The little bugger tricked me into a 5 mile undulating run because I didn’t know the area well enough to figure it out. I paid him back by moaning and swearing at him, but in all honesty I’m glad we did it. 5 miles in a shade under an hour – not too shabby considering! But don’t tell him I said that…

PS to any new followers I’m not normally this much of a lush… Oh who am I kidding, yes I am!


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