Oh Dear

Published January 13, 2013 by fitflo

They say that pride comes before a fall, I can certainly vouch for that. There I was Wednesday morning, smug as a bug in a rug having run and blogged by 10am.

At midday after a couple of sneezing and coughing fits I was feeling slightly less smug, by 8pm I was decided under the weather and have been ever since. I’m not good when I have a cold – am decided man-like in fact. I hate the snotty heavy headedness and the feeling of suffocation when I’m all blocked up and the last thing I want to do is exercise. So I’m afraid despite a very strong and enjoyable start to Janathon, I have failed. However, I’m not going to let it stop me participating – I’ll start again tomorrow with a 3 mile run which is the 1st session on my 12 week half marathon plan as I’m running the Blackpool half in April.

I did promise a longer blog about the regiment fitness which I suspect was a contributing factor to my catching the cold. When I arrived at the park Tuesday evening it was freezing and already dark, I almost didn’t get out of the car, but as I’d only paid a tenner for 10 sessions, I thought I’ve got to try it at least once. There were loads of newbies there – the group was probably twice as big as normal so the instructors split us into novices and experienced. I almost went into the experienced group (some of the novices seemed to struggle just to walk from the car park!) but decided not to appear too cocky, and boy was I glad of that half way through! As you know I don’t mind, in fact i quite like, getting muddy which is just as well. I’m sure all these military fitness sessions are the same so I won’t bore you with everything we did but it included running, push ups, planks, running whilst dragging a tyre, boxing, burpees (who knew?!?!), more running, lifting logs, planks, star jumps and a bit more running. Great fun, very exhausting and I ached in places I never knew had muscles the day after!

I’d highly recommend them, but maybe on a warmer day…


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