From the desk of Oliver Greer Esq.

Published January 23, 2013 by fitflo
Oliver working

Oliver working

Ladies and Gentlemen please forgive me for interrupting this blog, I felt I should update you on my companions condition.

Unfortunately Carla is suffering from an extremely bad bout of sinusitis, which has rendered her quite senseless. Personally, I think her brain has been temporarily replaced with snot – she attempted to feed me Asda’s own brand cat food the other day – can you imagine?!?!?

I can assure you that I am doing my best to speed along her recovery – cuddles and the like, but I think we’re looking at her being out of circulation until at least the weekend whilst she waits for the 2nd dose of antibiotics to do their job. In the meantime, I’m sure she will appreciate your well wishes and gifts – perhaps some beluga caviar and smoked salmon could take her mind off things…I am happy to provide a postal address should you require it.

Adieu for now



Signing off


23 comments on “From the desk of Oliver Greer Esq.

  • Dear Oliver,

    Thank you for keeping up the essential correspondence at what must be a very hectic time for you. If you could pass on my regards to Carla and wish her a speedy recovery because (a) I don’t want her to be unwell and (b) I need her to be well for Blackpool.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Oliver,
    Am impressed with your typing skills, I have little time to practice mine as someone is always on that electronic thingy. My human sends best wishes to yours.
    All best,
    Ps asda cat food? Outrageous!

  • Dear Oliver, You are an exceptionally clever cat. I do not like clever cats. they threaten my dogginess. Please send a postal address.
    Yours Buster Ivory! Grrrrrrrr.
    PS Tell Carla that Kim sends her love xxx

  • Your grammer is very good for a cat, well done Oliver, and for looking after Carla so well, despite the Asda’s own brand cat food. Maybe her Afflication made her temporary insane! Please wish her a speedy recovery and if she is feeling well enough i’m free all Sunday afternoon if she fancies a wee cross country trot.

  • Hi Oliver – aren’t you a clever cat. Please pass on my best wishes to Carla and tell her to make sure she throws the snot filled tissues in the toilet – as we don’t want you thinking the rolled up tissues are cotton wool.
    Also, if she continues to feed you Asda’s own brand, tell her you won’t type up any more blogs for her !
    Can you type mine instead purrrlease ?

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