Well, hello there!

Published February 6, 2013 by fitflo

Apologies for the prolonged radio silence, I hear Oliver gave you a short update a couple of weeks ago…he’s had plenty of prawns as a thank you.

So, a brief and hopefully not boring update. I think the military fitness session in the rain followed by a walk into work the following day in the rain brought on a heavy cold, which turned into sinusitis and took 3 weeks and 2 lots of antibiotics to clear after which I still had a heavy cold for 2 weeks. Throughout that time I’ve been constantly fatigued and it feels like all I’ve done is work, eat and sleep. I had some blood tests because the doc was worried about glandular fever among other things, luckily all came back OK. Turns out I just need to take a bit more rest.

Moving on, I’ve got 8 weeks until the Blackpool half so I’ve started my training again this week with a couple of short treadmill runs. Found them both very hard, but I’m sure it won’t take long to get back on it.

During my frequent visits to the docs in the last 5 weeks, it’s no surprise that my weight came up a number of times. I also had a bit of a Eureka moment standing in the Next changing room trying to squeeze myself into a pair of size 18 jeans. The 360 degree view was a shocking wake up call, so I’ve started tracking my food again and have started using 2 new products, which i intend to review after 30 days:

1. Innteas Lotus Slimline tea I was lucky enough to get a free sample to try from a fellow blogger. It’s proper dried leaves and flowers still in quite big bits, which I was unsure about at first as I don’t have a tea strainer. However I improvised and used my Bodum, and am pleased to report it  is a lovely herbal tea, very refreshing and easy to drink. Bonus if it helps me lose weight too!

2. KI performance system Unfortunately I didn’t get this free! I’m a big fan of the Biggest Loser and have alsways fancied one of the BodyBuggs they use. This works the same way (I think it’s the same company just a different brand for the UK). It’s an armband monitoring system that provides data on calories burned, steps taken, how much activity you’ve done and how long you sleep for. The data is fantastic, I could wax lyrical already, however I am going to hold all opinions and give my final verdict once I have used it for a month.

So. that brings you up to date. I’m getting around to reading all your great Janathon blogs so please forgive my rather delayed comments. I hope you are all going strong!


10 comments on “Well, hello there!

  • Glad you’re back and on the mend, but Carla, no tea will help you lose weight. If it did it would be front page news all over the Western World.
    Less food + More exercise = weight loss.
    You are a MARATHONER! You trained for and ran 26.2 miles!!!!
    You can do ANYTHING if you properly put your mind to it. Stop with all the fads and quick fixes and do it properly. xxxxxxxxxxxx

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