Step it up

Published February 8, 2013 by fitflo

I know I said I wasn’t going to mention my Ki Fit til the end of the 30 day trial,  but I just can’t help myself. It gives me a daily breakdown of calories burned, activity, steps and calories eaten (you have to log it on their website or link to myfitnesspal which I have done).

On day one I did the things I would normally do and ate what I would normally eat to see what an ‘average’ day was for me.

Here were my stats:

ki 25 jan

I had a calorie deficit (yay!), but was shocked by how little I move around during the day and how poor my sleep was.

Getting these stats each day has made me very aware of my activity, so I’ve started walking the 3 miles to or home from work each day (a couple of times I’ve done both ways) as well as ensuring I relax before going to bed a lot earlier than I had been.

Here are yesterdays stats:

ki 7th feb

I walked to and from work which is why my steps, activity and burn is all higher, and with all the extra sleep I have the energy to do it. I know I need to reduce my calorie intake still – I’m trying to make incremental changes so that I know I’ll keep them up rather than making it all or nothing and giving up.

I’m one of those sad people that gets really excited by stats and I’m stupidly competitive so I think in the Ki Fit I may have found the thing that gives me that illusive thing we’re all after – MOTIVATION.

Each day, I want to beat by previous days activity/steps and calorie burn. I just hope that this translates to a weight loss on the scales – I’ve managed to wean myself off daily weighing, so my 1st weigh in will be Monday which’ll be 2 weeks since I started.

Fingers crossed!


7 comments on “Step it up

  • love the breakdowns! and I totally agree, it is the kind of thing that would keep one motivated..
    good idea about changing your diet one small step at a a time
    go Carla! I know you can do it, and when we go to FLorida in 2014, we are going to be in the top 10% for the HM for sure!!!

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