Mojo Regained Beeeeeatches

Published February 10, 2013 by fitflo


I’m not entirely convinced the pacing is right – mile 3 looks very off, I checked my Garmin as I was running and was steadily maintaining a 11m – 11m30s pace.

run 10 feb

Elaine asked me if I wanted to join her, Kate and Christa from running club for a 4 mile run today. I thought 4 sounded like a good start as I’ve not run for a while, then she asked if I fancied walking to the meeting point 2 miles away. Sure why not, I thought, it’s all extra calorie burn. We met up, they were running, so I joined in. We ran 2.3m to meet Kate, ran the 4 and then for some reason I decided to round it up to 7m. And I feel great. The walking that I’ve been doing has clearly helped my fitness, so I feel really now motivated to keep it up.

Yesterday I went for a very muddy hilly walk with my friend in Kimpton, and we came across these beauties. I just had to share – the white one in the second photo looks like a little pug!




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