A new life!!

Published February 14, 2013 by fitflo

OK I know that’s a bit of a dramatic title, but I really do feel like the KiFit has changed my life! It has made me so much more aware of my calorie in and output, that since I’ve had it, I’ve walked to and from work most days (6 miles total). I’ve also done 2 strength and 3 running sessions each week and for the last week have (mostly) eaten under 1500 cals a day.

I’ve lost 2 pounds.

Some people might read that and think, what – only two pounds – all that extra activity and only 2 pounds lost!

But not me.

I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome – click here to learn more about it – mine is classed as severe as I have in excess of 50  follicles in each ovary and and extreme hormone irregularities) which makes it harder for me to lose weight. So two pounds is a great loss for me as I’ve really only been watching my diet for the last week. I don’t normally talk about my PCOS as I was diagnosed with it at 16 so it’s just normal life for me,  however I wanted to mention it because I’ve been lucky enough to be picked to take part in a 6 month study that a research team at the University of Southampton are doing to gauge the effectiveness of Chinese Herbal Medicines in treating PCOS, and I’ll probably end up blogging about it a little bit. Watch this space!

Hopefully this also explains why I’m not blogging as frequently – I’m too busy DOING to write about doing which is a first for me!

However, I shall be posting a review of these beauties shortly:

new balance W870

They are New Balance W870SG2 – the blurb says:

“This premium lightweight women’s running shoe provides enough stability, support, and shock absorption to boost your performance and blow away the competition. Take your run to the next level with the 870’s tailored fit and sublime comfort”

What I like about them so far is that they only weigh 237g. I can’t wait to try them out – first outing planned is a little 5 miler on Saturday morning.

Happy Valentines day to me – courtesy of New Balance!



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