@Taracosta treadmill challenge – my 1st attempt

Published March 20, 2013 by fitflo

I really enjoy the Biggest Loser – it’s the only reality TV I watch. I love the ultra fit trainers, the bitchiness, the game playing, but most of all I love the awesome transformations. There have been some amazing stories over the years – some of the contestants have had awful lives which have resulted in them overeating and weighing 300lbs+. Through hard work and sheer determination they lose a third or even half their bodyweight and you can just see on their faces how great they feel and I just wish I could do that and feel like that (I’m not really sure what’s stopping me but that’s a post for another day…).

Anyway, I started following Tara Costa on twitter and facebook after Season 7 as I identified with her more than any other contestant previously. Her starting weight was about the same as mine, she was around the same height, but most of all the was a fierce competitor, winning a record amount of challenges, and I’d like to think that’s what I’d be like if I ever got the chance to do something like that. I happened to go on Facebook just before going for my usual Wednesday lunchtime gym session today, and she’d posted this fat burning treadmill session:


I did a double take at first – those speeds are in MPH not KPH, but as I hadn’t decided what workout to do I thought sod it I’ll give it a go.**

The 1st 20 minutes were quite testing – the incline really got my heart rate up and running at a 10min mile for 2 minutes was a challenge, but none of it IN ANY WAY prepared me for the 2nd half. It was really really really really really tough. I have NEVER run at 8mph let alone faster, but I tried and I could do it. I managed a minute at 8mph, 47 seconds at 8.5mph and 30 seconds at 9mph. The treadmill I was on only goes to a 10 incline which I was really rather grateful for by that point, as I was beginning to feel light headed. I didn’t quite manage the 5 minutes at 6mph (I had a 30 second break at 3.5mph) and as for 11mph, well, I did 2 x 10 seconds and then decided that I was probably at risk of falling off the back of the treadmill so I dropped it down to 9.5mph and did 20 seconds on 20 seconds off. By the end of the session I was bright red, my t-shirt was soaking in sweat (nice mental picture for you all), and I’d burned 600 calories! 600 calories in 40 minutes!! I’ve decided that this is now going to be my Wednesday workout  as it’s part hill-reps/part speed session, and as I’m my greatest competition I will use it to motivate myself to improve.

So, I am going to pay it forward and throw the challenge down to you – I know it’s a dreadmill run, but trust me, it’ll be one the most demanding you’ve ever done. Let me know how you get on…

*a weightloss reality TV programme that started in the US but is now franchised across the world

**probably not what a physio would recommend as recovery session for my knee injury but if I was a superhero my special power would be healing so despite me thinking I had really hurt it, now the bruise has come out it feels fine


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