@newbalanceuk 870v2 shoe review

Published March 26, 2013 by fitflo

I do like a shoe with a flash of colour…to prove it here is my current running/training shoe collection (the ones on the bottom left were consigned to the bin today – I said a little eulogy as I ran the VLM in them).

All my shoes

All my shoes

That being said, contrary to popular opinion, I don’t choose shoes just based on the colour. Having lost a crucial 8 weeks training in build up to the VLM last year due to an achilles injury, I buy stability shoes, mostly from Asics.

So when New Balance were giving bloggers the opportunity to try their new 870v2 lightweight stability shoe I said yes, and was doubly thrilled when they turned up looking like this:


I’ve been running in them for the last 2 months, they are now my 1st choice shoe (except when it’s muddy or wet cos they are tooo purdy for that weather) and I plan to run the Blackpool half in them. So why do I love them so?

They are LIGHT

I thought being as I need stability I would be forever consigned to clunky heavy shoes, but New Balance say NO to that. These shoes are just 237g, that’s only 80g more than the Merrell Barefoot access that I have and 140g less than the Asics I normally wear. That 140g can (I surmise) make all the difference to a fast runner in getting a PB. For me, I’ve found that I don’t get that heavy leg feeling as much, it’s kept my stride feeling a bit lighter, although I have to admit the longest run I have done is only 7 miles.

They are STABLE

I treated myself to a new pair of SOLE insoles to go in them. I’m a mild overpronator, these shoes give the right amount of support without feeling uncomfortable in any way. They are quite low slung which took me a couple of runs to get used to, but now I’m accustomed to it and I feel supported but free if that makes sense.

They are BREEZY

My feet get really hot and swell a little when I run long distances. The mesh on the top of these seems to work better that on my existing shoes so it felt positively breezy around my toes. Not recommended for running in the rain tho…


Maybe it’s just me, but the tongue doesn’t quite sit right at the top of the laces. Mine keeps getting bent over and whilst I can eventually straighten it out, it takes a bit of poking and fiddling to get it to sit flat. That’s the only complaint I have.

Overall – a thumbs up

A decent, light stability shoe that delivers performance and looks cool too!

There are lots of people that will disagree with me, but I like the current colour trend in running shoes. I know it shouldn’t matter what you look like when you run, but heck I’m a girl and as all my running bottoms are black I like to have a pop of colour at each end. So shoot me!


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