Rabbit Run 15k

Published April 1, 2013 by fitflo

It’s fair to say that since the London Marathon last year, my running has been somewhat sporadic. I was signed up to do 2 autumn half marathons, both came and went without me participating, and my attendance at running club has been on a sharp decline. My longest run since VLM was an 8 miler in February and in the last 4 weeks I’ve run a grand total of 21 miles, so it was with some trepidation that I headed down to Regents Park on Saturday for a 15k Rabbit Run – so called because we ran it in rabbit suits. The suits turned out to be a welcome addition as it was 1 degree and even tried to snow a couple of times.

My plan was to work on my pacing – I think I need to stay around 11.45 for the first 8 or 9 miles at Blackpool to be in with a chance of finishing strong. Alma kindly agreed to run with me to keep me going – we’ve run together so many times I have to admit it’s weird to think of doing a race without her by my side. She did a great job of keeping me going especially in the last 3 miles when I really just wanted to give up and walk.

I’m feeling quite chuffed with myself as despite my lack of training I managed to run the majority of it – I only took a couple of walk breaks in the last 3 miles. Here are the splits:

1.00mi 00:11:31
1.00mi 00:11:28
1.00mi 00:11:31
1.00mi 00:11:35
1.00mi 00:11:31
1.00mi 00:11:49
1.00mi 00:12:30
1.00mi 00:12:06
1.00mi 00:12:28

I did find the last 3 miles tough (my face says it all I think!) so I’m going to try to slow myself down a bit more at Blackpool. Hopefully I’ll find it a little easier minus the suit anyway!

rabbit run

I’m going to leave you with this spam comment that was left for me as it really made me giggle. I wonder how many bean bags it would cost me to own my husband??

Thanks to my planned-personality and insistence on arriving at the race site an hour early, we had plenty of time for me to own my sleeping boyfriend with bean bags, watch the other runners warm up with pre-race running, and take my “before” picture with the Pretty Muddy wall.


7 comments on “Rabbit Run 15k

  • you are too kind! it was great running with you as always, sorry we went off a bit quick
    love the spam comment – i want a pretty muddy wall too!

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