Bitten by the race bug

Published April 9, 2013 by fitflo

It’s taken nearly a year but I think I finally have my racing mojo back. Following Sundays half, I have entered the following races:

09-Jun-13 Half Marathon Southend Half
28-Jun-13 5 mile John O’Callghan 5
07-Jul-13 10k Regents Park 10k
14-Jul-13 5k Wardown Park 5k
21-Jul-13 10k Luton 10k
01-Sep-13 10k Regents Park 10k
06-Oct-13 Half Marathon Cardiff Half
02-Mar-14 Half Marathon Bath Half

Whilst I was training for the London marathon last year, someone at Striders told me it’d taken them a year to get over it and get back into running and racing. I remember scoffing at the thought of it, but looking back over the last year the same has been true for me. I didn’t suddenly hate running, I just stopped prioritising it and did other things instead. I think it’s been good to have a break, but I’m ready to get back into it now, and as I intend to throw my name in the hat for VLM again, I plan to be HM fit in October to give me a good base to start from.

The list above is just for starters – I’m open to chucking a couple more HMs in the mix, so if any ‘athoners out there have any local to them and would like an 11m30s pacer, give me a shout!


12 comments on “Bitten by the race bug

  • I’ll do Luton 10k with you! I do want to get a HM in later in the year, but I’d prefer something in September I think. x Are you doing Whipsnade?

  • Whoop whoop! Looking forward to you test running Cardiff for me (hopefully I’ll be otherwise occupied that weekend – due date is the 7th…) and happy to provide written references if anyone doubts your brilliance as a race partner!

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