Life got in the way

Published April 28, 2013 by fitflo

THREE weeks ago I was fired up, I’d entered a whole load of races and I was all like – yeh baby, Carla is BACK! I put together a training plan, bought some new running capris and was all set for a good 8 week training plan for the Southend Half where I intend to PB come hell or high water.

Then I got sinusitis AGAIN. Seriously, it’s about the 4th time in a year. I’m sick of antibiotics so I decided to treat it the old fashioned way. Which means lots of steaming with olbas oil – my house smells like I’d imagine and old fashioned apothecary would!
Today, I finally feel like I’m getting back to normal, so I went out for a lovely little 4 miler with Elaine this morning, country route, lots of greenery, sun was shining – all was good in the world.

I haven’t been completely inactive for the last 3 weeks. I ran St Albans park run, where my 21 year old cousin who until this point had only run on a treadmill, got a 22min finish (oh for some young fresh legs!). I went to the Marathon Expo for a New Balance launch breakfast (blog to follow about all the lovely noooo shooos they have coming out), where I also met up with Shaz who did a great job of running the marathon. Oh and I went to Barcelona last week on a work jolly, lots of fun, far too much drinking done, probably didn’t help my recovery much!

This week is about getting back into routines though, so I’ll be off to running club tomorrow evening and will fill you in a little more on what I saw at the expo. If, like me, you like bright shoes, you are going to LOVE it.

Here’s a sneaky preview….



11 comments on “Life got in the way

  • That shoe in the photo… Is it for a GIANT or is it just perspective? Hope you feel better soon. Must rediscover my mojo too. I dropped it somewhere and can’t remember where…

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