Am I a Half Fanatic?

Published May 23, 2013 by fitflo

My training is coming along well this week – I went for a comfortable 4 miler on Wednesday afternoon to break up a long day (9am – 8pm) and a tempo/hill 2.5m tonight – cut short by HAILSTONES of all things. It’s the middle of June for goodness sake!

A while ago I found out about a little club called the Half Fanatics. Hm, bunch of nutters I thought, however it must’ve planted a seed. I was feeling quite inspired by Louise’s Ultra run on Sunday and once I had decided to set myself a little autumn challenge it popped back into my head.

Why not try to do 3 half marathons in 15 days (so 3 consecutive weekends) to gain membership?

I was already signed up for the Cardiff Half on the 6th October, so I took to twitter and the interweb and, thanks to a suggestion from a work colleague, entered the Northampton HM on the 22/9 (said colleague is going to do it with me – it’ll be her 1st ever HM yippee!) and Rachel suggested via Twitter (which is a confusing and amazing thing that I think I am just getting the hang of) the Ealing HM on the 29/9 which she and Alma are already signed up to. Job done, 3 races entered, now I REALLY have something to train for!

To help me focus, I’ve signed up for Juneathon, an annual festival of daily workouts and blogging and an opportunity to discover new bloggers/runners/friends. Now, I must pre-warn you that I may go AWOL mid-month as I’m booked in for a week long juice detox/bootcamp type thingy from the 16th-23rd, so although I’ll definitely be doing the daily workouts, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to blog as it says there is limited mobile and internet service. We’ll see. If you want to know more about it see here: I booked it ages ago and I’m a little bit scared now that it’s only 3 weeks away, but hopefully it will kick start my weight loss and help me on the path to a healthy weight (and faster running!).

I do feel that I need to say something about yesterdays events in Woolwich. It was a truly shocking act, however we MUST remember that it was the work of two individuals, NOT the whole of the Muslim community. I find it very saddening to see the members of the press, and a fair number of people on Twitter and Facebook, using it as an opportunity to post racist and inflammatory remarks. There will always be a section of society, be they white, black, brown, yellow or pink, that has extreme views or carries out extreme acts. Please, let’s not lose our humanity by condemning a whole group of people on the basis of two sick minded individuals.


8 comments on “Am I a Half Fanatic?

  • Bloody hell! That’s a target and a half! I adored the Boot Camp that I went on, and this looks a bit more civilised (although possibly with even less food). I would really recommend that before you go, you have a plan for how you cope with food once you are out. There is something about having been denied everything for a week that made me go a little bit crazeeeee when I came out! I wish I’d made sure that I had stocked the freezer with easy sensible meals that were tasty but not made entirely of chocolate! Looking forward to reading about it 🙂

  • Great challenge you’ve set yourself, I’m aiming to do my third half marathon distance in three days and my legs are on fire, so all i’ll say is train well for it and have tonnes of fun.

    Look forward to racing you across Juneathon 🙂

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