Twas the night before Juneathon

Published May 31, 2013 by fitflo

Twas the night before Juneathon, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The capris were hung on the bedstead with care,
In hopes that fortnightflo soon would be there.

She, however, was nestled snug in her bed,
While visions of sugar-plums danced in her head.
Dreaming of lay ins, and reading a book,
Flo was forgetting the effort it took.

For Juneathon is a challenge not to take lightly,
You jog, then log and must also blog nightly
Such a mammoth task is no laughing matter,
Although it has been known to prevent you getting fatter.

Now Shazruns! Now Jogbog! Now Fairweather! and Tezza!
Abradypus, on Fattipuff, on Cassie, on Kim,
To the top of the table, to the top of the wall
Now dash away, dash away, dash away all!

We’ll leave flo asleep now, for she needs her rest
As we know she is aiming to do her best
She’ll soon be moaning about aching knees
But for now she is dreaming of half marathon PeeBees…

“Happy Juneathon to all, and to all a good-night!”


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