On the 1st day of @Juneathon, fortnightflo gives to you

Published June 1, 2013 by fitflo


A pigeon on a rooftop (closest I could get to a partridge in a pear tree!).

I don’t know about you but I’m a list person. I make a list for everything, shopping, my work day, jobs that need doing in the house, books I want to read…you get my drift.

As I am technically tapering for my half marathon next week (although a taper would suggest I’ve actually trained, which is open to debate), I decided to get a few things ticked off the house list today, so whilst OH played golf, I spent EIGHT HOURS doing house stuff which included (but is not limited to):

Re-painting the French doors, re-painting the outside of the conservatory, sanding down and painting an old tall boy, rearranging the spare room, putting away my winter clothes (premature?), clearing out old clothes for the charity bag (mostly OHs, that’ll teach him for playing golf HA!) and then all the normal boring housework that needs doing every week.

All of which burned a lot of calories as I hit my burn target of 3000 by 2pm, so I sought expert advice from abradypus who confirmed that as I had used a ladder, it could count.


Excellent! I had permission not to run so I carried on with my chores. However, it turns out I do have a bit of a conscience as it just didn’t feel right not running, it’s the 1st day for gawds sake. So once I had finished, before I had time to relax, I logged on and ordered a pizza (well, I earned it!) and then pulled on my trainers for a swift run round the block. I turned in a solid 1.6m in 17.32 which is a 10.57 average – super speedy! Doing chores must be good for me (but don’t tell the OH).

Juneathon day 1
1.6m run


11 comments on “On the 1st day of @Juneathon, fortnightflo gives to you

  • You sure started well. Keep going/moving furniture/painting,…. and thanks for the ladder inspiration – need to do some high work in the garden so have no excuse anymore..

  • I L.O.V.E lists. One of my greatest pleasures is to strike through a completed job (I should get out more I think!) I’m with ewoodson on the stuff I put on a list….the more the merrier! Well done x

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