On the 3rd day of Juneathon,

Published June 3, 2013 by fitflo

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I felt a bit guilty mugging you off with Beerpong yesterday (although I would like to point out I was sober as I’m on antibiotics) so I thought I’d rectify it today by astounding you all with not one, not two, BUT THREE AMAAAAAZING JUNEATHON ACTIVITIES! Yes, that’s THREE activities in one day – impressed?? I am!

Since getting my Kifit I’ve been trying to burn off at least 3000 calories a day and eat under 2000 (full review here if you’re interested). In a normal day with no exercise I burn around 2200, and I’ve discovered if I run/walk to work and then speed-walk home I hit just over 3000 (I have various routes I can take ranging from 2-3m). It was SUCH a revelation realising I could turn my commute into my daily exercise, I do LOVE a twofer, and it gets it all overwith so that once I get home I’m done. None of that trying to motivate myself of the sofa once I’ve fallen into the whole I’ve carved out there for my bottom. We also have a gym in the building I work in, so twice a week I try to fit in a weights session.

I’ve been doing this for about 4 weeks, and have lost 6 pounds so far – slow but steady and I don’t feel deprived, nor do I feel like I’m overdoing it. It feels sustainable and I find I’m much happier for it too – all that vitamin D and fresh air – I’d heartily recommend it!

Juneathon stats so far

Run – 4.1m

Walk 5.2m

Cross – 1hr


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