On the 6th day of Juneathon

Published June 6, 2013 by fitflo

Fortnightflo gives to you:

Six bollards standing

Six bollards standing

Todays Juneathon was a lovely 4 mile country walk which is where I saw these bollards which aren’t really bollards just flimsy metal signs. It should’ve taken just over an hour but actually took 2 and a half hours on account of a cider and supper stop.

I’d originally planned to go to running club, but I had an emotional rollercoaster of a day as Mum went to hospital this morning complaining of chest pains and next thing she’s having a stent put in as they found a blockage in her heart. All good now though as she’s fixed and recovering so I was able to make the most of the glorious sunshine and while away the evening in a pub garden. Anyway, technically I’m tapering so it’s absolutely FINE that I have only run once this week!

Juneathon stats so far

Run – 8.7m

Walk 11.7m

Cross – 1hr


10 comments on “On the 6th day of Juneathon

  • Always good to have a cider stop 😉 Oh gosh I’m sorry to hear about your Mum – hope she’s doing okay! What a scare. You’ve still run 8.7m since Juneathon started which I think is fab for tapering!

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