On the 7th day of Juneathon

Published June 10, 2013 by fitflo

Fortnightflo gives to you, 7 reasons why I’m disqualifying myself from Juneathon.

1. Mum had slightly underplayed what had happened to her when we spoke – she had, in fact, had a heart attack, luckily whilst in hospital, and had a coronary stent fitted following an angiogram. Despite talking to her and her partner, on Friday afternoon I decided I needed to go and see for myself that she was OK, so my only activity was half a walk to work and then 2 hours sitting in my car on the M1 and the M25

2. Mum’s under strict doctors orders to rest for at least a month and stay off work for 3. So on Saturday I made her some brekkie and made sure she didn’t do much whilst her friends visited – mostly I was hanging out washing and arranging the lovely flowers people had bought her into various vases and glasses and jugs once we’d run out of vases! Unless that counts as Juneathoning (which I honestly think not!) I did nothing on Saturday.

3. I ran the Southend Half marathon yesterday and got a PB yay!! (more on that in a blog to follow) however I can hardly move right now so I doubt I’ll be Juneathoning today (maybe a little walk later).

4. The thing with my Mum has made me realise I probably spend too much time staring at a computer screen and not enough time interacting in person with friends and family that I love. So I’m going to limit my out of work screen time for a bit and catch up with others.

5. The other thing that having less screen time will give me is more time to actually do stuff – so I’ll still record activities on runngfreeonline and do the microblogging thingy.

6. I’m still going to catch up on everyones’ blogs at the weekends as I do love reading about what you all get up to. And I’ll still blog, just not every day (and not at all next week whilst I am at Slimmeria).

7. Without wanting to sound all soppy, the last few days have made me realise how important it is to cherish the ones we love. So, if your Mum or Dad are still around why not go give them a hug. If they’re too far away give them a quick call – parents always love to hear from their kids. If they are not around call your kids, or your brother, or sister, or your best friend, and tell them you love them. You don’t have to get all mushy, just let them know you’re thinking of them. You never know how long they’ll be around for so make sure they know you love them whilst you can.

Love you Mum xx


17 comments on “On the 7th day of Juneathon

  • So sorry to hear about your poorly Mum. I hope she recovers quickly. Very wise blog words, I thoroughly agree and think we all need a bit of balance especially where screen time is concerned.

    Get well soon, Carla’s Mum.

    Ps: there’s always next year

  • Well done on the PB, sorry to hear about your Mum – hope the rest and your company helps her to recover quickly. This week on holiday has made me think the same about point 4, taking a break from everything can be very invigorating! Well done on not giving up Juneathon completely!

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