Another PB!

Published July 1, 2013 by fitflo

Apologies for the massive gap since my last post. I have been making good on my promise to myself to spend more time doing stuff an seeing people, and less time in front of the PC. So I’ve been running and walking, and going out for dinner with friends and generally having a jolly old time of it!

I’m really enjoying running at the moment. I know it’s just science (wiegh less = run quicker) but I’m still surprised by how much faster I am since losing some weight. I ran the John O’Callaghan 5 mile road race on Friday, it’s VERY undulating (it feels like one long uphill with no downhill reward), and I did it 3:05m quicker than last year. Amazing. Then I went out tonight with club, intending to do a 4m tempo run, and I did it in 44 minutes. 3 of the miles were at 10:45 avg pace so it was the massive uphill that slowed it down. I’ve NEVER run that quick. It feels fantastic, like I’m becoming a proper runner, one day I might even manage a mile on the flat in under 10 minutes!

I’m slowly working my way through as many Juneathon blogs as I can – I’m trying to read one or two a night, so apologies if you wake up to 20 emails saying I’ve left a comment. Once again I’m in awe of the tenacity displayed by so many people, you’ve all surpassed yourselves this year and thoroughly deserve beer and pizza on Saturday!



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