I need help!

Published December 11, 2013 by fitflo

I’ve been fortnightflo since January 2011 when I decided to join Janathon and dip my toe into this running thing.

My husband thought it would be another of my two week fads (just like cycling, swimming, the posh gym membership, aerobics, drama club, book club etc etc), hence the fortnightflo title.

3 years later, I regard myself as a regular proper confirmed runner and I feel I’ve outgrown the fortnightflo moniker.

I’d like to change the focus of my blog to weight loss and make it a little less telling and a little more interactive and dynamic. But I just can’t come up with a name I can use for blogging and twitter, that sums that up and isn’t already in use!!

This is where you come in, as my die hard 4 followers, you probably know me better than I know myself! What should my new name be???


7 comments on “I need help!

  • Fat might go
    Flat, light show
    Fought right woah

    Nah…stick with ‘fortnight flo’ in the same way that lazy girl running is now longer lazy or indeed really a girl*

    * that is to say she now a woman (not wanting to start unnecessary rumours)

  • I think FortnightFlo is brilliant. The story behind it, how your husband didn’t believe you, is strong and catchy. Many of your readers might identify themselves with that and find their motivation there (“Surely I can exercise and diet longer than 2 weeks!”). So – I wouldn’t change it. But look who is talking: April has been dead for 1.5 years now…

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