Janathon is nearly upon us – JOIN IN!

Published December 21, 2013 by fitflo

If you are thinking about joining in with Janathon, but can’t quite decide whether to take the plunge, let me share my story.

It’s December 2010. I’d always fancied running the London Marathon and had actually entered the ballot twice (despite having never run). In December 2010 a little email popped into my inbox inviting me to Janathon and I thought – what a great way to get started running!

I set up this blog and called it fortnightflo because my hubby used to say I couldn’t stick to anything for longer than 2 weeks (healthy eating, regular exercise, cleaning the house etc etc) so I thought I’d prove him wrong by signing up to run every day for a month. I posted my first page and wow – I got a reply from someone called abradypus. She liked cats and she ran and she thought I was interesting enough to reply to – hurrah.

That was just the start of it. Having successfully ran, logged and blogged every day in January I arranged to meet up with a couple of strangers at Finsbury park for a Parkrun (Abradypus and Shazruns) before the post-Janathon meet up for a jaunt round Hyde Park, pizza and beer. There I met jogblog in person, and many others including travelling hopefully who I had the pleasure of running the Blackpool half with this year. Later that year I also met plustenner and highfiving plam trees at the BUPA 10k and we’ve run many races together since and will do in the future (Alma and I are doing a half marathon in Florida next year!).

Here's a bunch of us athoners at the end of TR24 in 2012

Here’s a bunch of us athoners at the end of TR24 in 2012


There are so many people that inspire me every day, and I wouldn’t have met them or heard their stories if it wasn’t for Janathon. People like thereisasixpackunderhere who has lost a staggering 5 stone and is a constant inspiration to me, notmuchofarunner whose posts and comments always make me laugh, fattifpuff who was brave enough to up sticks and bugger off to Thailand to work for a year, and fairweatherrunner who is a hardcore BMFer and puts me to shame.

Janathon not only helped be become a runner, it also brought me a whole new set of friends that share my love of running and are there to pick me up whenever I fall off the wagon. So what are you waiting for? GO SIGN UP!


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