Christmas comes but once a year…

Published December 29, 2013 by fitflo

…Thank goodness.

Since my visit to Slimmeria in June, I’ve had a pretty healthy lifestyle. Monday to Friday I’ve generally eaten well and worked out each day, and then relaxed a little at the weekends. Without having to work too hard, I’d maintained my 14lb loss and had even shed another 8 lbs. My cheese addiction was a thing of the past and I managed to make it through whole weeks without eating any processed carbs,

So WHY OH BLOODY WHY have I let Christmas ruin it all? Why have I used this as an excuse to eat crap, drink to excess and sit on my arse for 3 weeks? Why is everything I’m doing and eating the antithesis of what I need to do to achieve my goals? I don’t understand why I have done it, I’m so frustrated with myself but I can’t seem to get out of it now. I’ve piled on 8lbs in 3 weeks which is just obscene, but I can’t find my willpower…

Does anyone else struggle with this? What can I do to get myself back into the right mindset? Have you got any tips or advice you can share to help me out of this funk?


4 comments on “Christmas comes but once a year…

  • We have all overindulged over Christmas, don’t beat yourself up about it
    You will be back on track in no time, and by the time we go to Florida, you will be skinny fit flo xx

  • Over indulging is part of Christmas – that is a lifelong habit. Don’t beat yourself up about it, with Janathon you will be back to your healthy ways in now time and that gain will fall off as it will mostly be water anyway.

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