Day Four – a breakthrough!

Published January 4, 2014 by fitflo

So much to talk about today, I’ll try not to bore!

Firstly, I downloaded Julia Buckleys Fat Burn Revolution on kindle last night. What a bargain for 4 quid! It’s written in a very direct, no nonsense way that has made me rethink my approach to weight loss, and I’m even more determined to get onto the next online group.

I tried one of the workouts today, picking what I thought looked the easiest…hahaha – couldn’t have been more wrong. 6 exercises including burpees, planks and jumping jacks, all done for 30 seconds each, followed by a minutes rest and repeated 3 times. As you can see it only actually consisted of 9 minutes actual workout but it felt more like 90 by the end!

I learned 3 things doing this workout:
1. Burpees are HARD, no, really, they are very very hard!
2. I have no core strength.
3. 30 seconds seems a bloody long time when you are crap at something (burpees, planks, press ups etc…)

If you’re looking to shake up your training I would highly recommend the book.

I was so pumped up after the workout I decided to go for a run- rather fortuitously Elaine texted me at the same time to see if I was free. Sorted! We ran for 40 minutes, my longest since Vegas I think, with only a teensy bit of walking in between (mostly the walking breaks were when we were far too busy chatting to run!).

So that was today’s training. Onto eating. I’ve been eating clean since the 1st jan, partly for weight loss but mostly because a recent blood test showed that I’m sensitive to yeast. Through elimination I confirmed that yeast triggers the dermatitis on my hands, which causes the skin to crack and is very sore and painful. So I’m cutting out yeast and sugar in an attempt to cleanse and get my hands back to normal.

I’m gutted because it means no beer – especially no Desperadoes, and no pizza- or so I thought… Browsing the aisles today I came across a yeast free pizza base mix, so thought I’d give it a go. It was so good, I decided to post a pic for you, which is rare for me as anything try to cook (as opposed to heat up) is usually hard enough to stomach without sharing!

Here it is – and I can honestly say it tasted just like normal pizza – hurrah!


Now I just need to find some yeast free beer – think that might be a misnomer tho…

Janathon mileage: 8.5m

Janathon duration: 2h 15m


14 comments on “Day Four – a breakthrough!

  • I detest burpees – they are my most hated thing in circuits! Interesting what you say about your hands – I have been really struggling with my hands the last 2-3 years with bouts of them cracking and bleeding and generally being bery sore and not been able to figure out why…I wonder if it’s a similar thing or not, may look into it further

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