Something a bit different

Published January 13, 2014 by fitflo

OK OK OK I’ll admit, I woosed out a bit yesterday. My legs were sore from Saturdays long run, and having done some heavy weights sessions I was feeling pretty beat and in need of a rest so all I did was a bit of stretching and foam rollering.

I did a bit better today. I met an old friend in London for lunch – we had a lovely time but she had to go home at 3.30pm with her little one, so as it was such a beautiful day I decided to make the most of it and do my Janathoning in one of my favourite places in the world – Londons’ Southbank.

The train from Luton gets us to Blackfriars in just 38 minutes, so Hubby and I often head down there at the weekend. There’s usually a festival of some sort going on so we’ll drink our fill of mulled wine or scrumpy cider whilst soaking up the view and the atmosphere. This evening was a bit different – it was very quiet, just a boring Monday after Christmas, nothing going on, even the London Eye was having a night off for maintenance. Having walked from Blackfriars to London Bridge to meet my friend, I then walked back down past the OXO tower, and the Southbank Centre, on past the London Eye and County Hall, where I crossed Westminster Bridge and walked back along Embankment.

Good memories came flooding back of a Marathon training run that took in Embankment, with Louise valiantly trying to keep my legs turning by playing a game of “My friend went to London and bought back a…” It also bought back not-so-great memories of mile 25 of VLM 2012. I’d been at it for 5 and a half hours, it was pouring down with rain, freezing cold, I was under-trained and knackered and yet there were still hundreds of spectators standing in the rain, handing out jelly babies and encouragement by the bucket load. I’ll never forget it, every time someone shouted ‘Go On Carla!’ I’d smile and start running, only to stop when I thought I was far enough away (but was probably only 2 feet past them because at that point my brain was like mush). I’ve been one of those people many times, shouting encouragement wondering if it helps. Having been on the other side I KNOW it helps – especially if you’re a tail end runner and I intend to be there again this year cheering on Rachel and anyone else I know that’s running (not that Rachel is a tail end runner by any stretch of the imagination)!

Here are a couple of pics from today.

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Janathon mileage: 37.2m

Janathon Duration: 10.2 hours


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