1st day of the FBR online programme

Published January 20, 2014 by fitflo

After reading the Fat Burn Revolution when it came out, and hearing from Sue and Kim how well they did, I decided to apply for the 12 week online programme that Julia Buckley runs and was accepted.

Today is Day one. I’ll be exercising 6 days a week with ‘active rest’ on a Sunday, and following a clean diet. I’m pretty much OK with the diet as it’s what I’ve been doing for the last 2 weeks, but the working out might be a bit hard. It’s going to be like doing 3 Janathons back to back. And not only do I have to work out, but I have to do it TWICE! As well as doing the set programme, Julia recommends* on a 2nd 30 minute period of activity per day. That’s what I’m going to struggle with, but I’ve committed to the programme, and we all know I’m not fortnighflo anymore, so I WILL do it.

A weight session focussing on my upper body was on todays plan. It only took 20 minutes but was very hard as we are told to use heavier, challenging weights.Now I’m sitting on the sofa having just got home from work wondering what to do as my 2nd activity…it might just have to be 30 minutes of vigorous housework!

*read insists!


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