Penultimate is such a lovely word

Published January 30, 2014 by fitflo

Oh, I am so glad there is only 1 day to go! Not that I am going to stop working out, you understand, but because remembering to log and blog, and thinking of things to tell you, and writing encouraging comments on other peoples blogs and reading those blogs and fitting all of that in between the actual workouts, and work and sleeping and eating…well, its all just a bit much isn’t it?



8 comments on “Penultimate is such a lovely word

  • It IS indeed a bit much. And even though we realise this not even two weeks into the month, we still soldier on, because we can’t quite bring ourselves to back out without being severely injured.
    Not enough time in the day.
    I shall work my way through some janathon blogs over the next six months.

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