Janathon V

Published January 5, 2015 by fitflo

The eagle eyed among you will notice there was no Janathon IV… I have a confession to make

My name is Carla, I am 40 years old and I AM A SLACKER.

I feel bad about it, even more so than I normally would because just the day before I’d called jogblog out for being a slacker for her lack of Janathon running so she went and did some running (albeit on a treadmill), and then I go and do bugger all.

I do have a VERY good reason though, as you may’ve noticed from my whingeing I’ve had a very heavy cold and cough for the last 2 weeks, and although I’d started to feel better, when I woke up on sunday morning I felt like this guy…


…had climbed into my sinuses, got lost and was trying to bash his way out of my head. I was out of bed for all of 5 hours yesterday, and that was only because the in-laws were cooking us dinner, and I’d have to be REALLY REALLY ill to miss one of their roasts.

Anyway, a thousand apologies, especially to Cathy and Louise who was possibly watching this space for 48 hours…, I made it up by doing not ONE, not TWO but THREE activities today. A walk to walk followed by a bit of strength training in the gym then a run after work.

Marathon training has begun – about bloody time seeing as it’s only 104 days away – eeeeek!


2.53m walk, 20 min gym, 3.31m run


7.2m walk

20 min gym

3.31 run


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