Janathon VI

Published January 6, 2015 by fitflo

I’m trying to make up for my early month slacking illness by doing a bit extra each day, so today was another 3er. Walk to work followed by circuit training then a rather gruelling but wonderfully short hill session after work – man those hills!

I ran my 1st marathon in 2012 having only been running regularly for 15 months. I followed a ‘get round alive’ training plan, and averaged 3 runs a week, one long, one recovery and one sorta-tempo, with a longest run of 18 miles. This time around, I’ve been running regularly for 4 years, and my training plan consists of 5 runs a week – long, recovery, hills, HIIT/tempo and mid distance. I’ve got an awesome training partner/running coach and we’re aiming to do 2 20 milers, so I don’t feel scared, I feel, well, pumped is the only word to describe it. Last time each training session was a drag and if I could find a reason not to do it I would – in fact looking at my training log on at least 2 weeks I only did the long run (how the hell did I even finish?!). This time around, I might not be in the mood to train, but nevertheless I am going to get out there and do it.

The seasoned marathoners at my running club keep telling me your 2nd marathon is always your best, as you know what to expect, you remember the pain of the mistakes you made and you know what you need to do to do better. The last 3 miles of VLM 2012 were hell for me, and it ended up taking me 6 hours. I am NOT going to repeat that, so I’m really hoping the experts are right!

Any other spring marathoners out there? What does your plan look like and how are you doing so far?


2.53m walk, 30 min gym, 2.3m run


9.7 walk

50 min gym

5.6m run


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