Janathon XIX

Published January 19, 2015 by fitflo

Monday’s can be very hard work. Today I woke up disappointed that I hadn’t won the lottery and had to go back to work, then my brain found it TOO MUCH trying to decide what to eat for lunch which was HOURS away from when I left the house – how am I supposed to know what I’m going to fancy to eat in 7 hours? Then I got to work and had forgotten my system password, then an (attempted) PPI sales calls from a guy who was so persistent he called me back TWICE even though I was very polite when I said no. And this was all before 10am!

Thankfully I got through the day, and on my short walk from where I get dropped off to home, I went from I’m-definitely-going-for-a-run-I’ll-just-blast-out-2-miles to its-too-bloody-cold-and-icy-I’ll-do-it-in-the-morning.
I had to consciously remind myself of why I’m training (VLM obvs) , and how I want to feel at both the start and the finish line. The words that sprung to mind were ready and elated. Was going home to sit on the sofa going to get me there? No, so I went out and JFDI!

4 glorious miles at an average 11m16s pace – my fastest time over that distance since November 2013. I feel wonderful and all the trials and tribulations of the day are gone and forgotten. Bring on Tuesday!


4m rum


22.7m walk, 22m run, 50 min gym


10 comments on “Janathon XIX

    • I usually have chicken and salad, the problem was I made a yummy pea and ham soup at the weekend and wanted that, and also had some leftover quinoa and feta salad. I was just incapable of making a decision! Out of interest what do you have?

      • At the moment it is Ryvita biscuits with cream cheese or hummus, cucumber, pepper, tomato, lettuce. I keep the biscuits and cheese at work. I have in the past had pitta bread in place of the Ryvita. Boring, but I don’t seem to mind 🙂

      • I replied but it seems to have vanished…I have Ryvita with cream cheese or hummus and cucumber, pepper, tomato, lettuce. I used to have Pitta instead of the Ryvita but got sick of it. It’s boring, but I don’t seem to mind 🙂

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