Published January 3, 2016 by fitflo

Day 3 and we spent this morning with friends and their 4 kids which I’m sure should count as exercise! 

Anyway I had a little snooze when we got home, then spent the rest of the afternoon alternating between thinking about going for a run (read slouching on the sofa reading with a cat on my lap) and prepping my breakfast and lunches for the next couple of days – home made Bircher muesli, juice and feta salad if you’re asking. 

Come 7pm I realised I hadn’t done an ‘official’ exercise, and it’s really important to me that I complete this Janathon in full, so I decided to do a home HIIT session. I did a circuit from front door to bedroom window and incorporated some squats and lunges and lifts (tidying and laundry and putting away!).

20 mins, 154 calls burnt and a max heart rate of 148 – pretty good huh!?!

If you haven’t yet done your Janathoning for today there’s still time so get up and go find some stairs! 

Today: 20 mins, approx 30 flights of stairs

Jan total: 135 mins 5.5m 


3 comments on “Home HIIT

    • I’ve picked up bits and pieces over the years – Julia Buckley had a great workout in her book The Fat Burn Revolution, where you do 30-90 secs as hard as you can with a 30-60 second recovery. You can do it using any cardio – running, skipping, cycling, running up stairs, jumping jacks etc etc. It’s great for fat loss. With the circuit I did today the stairs were my hard bit, and the squats and lunges the recovery. I’d highly recommend getting one of Julia’s book if it’s fat loss you’re after. She’s ace! http://gym.juliabuckleyfitness.com

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