The Dopey Challenge

Published May 1, 2016 by fitflo

Sooooo, I’m BAAAAACCK!!

‘Lo everyone, thought I’d have a revamp and come back to the blogosphere so I can share the trials and tribulations of the next 8 months as I train for the Dopey Challenge.

48.6m in 4 days

Day One = 5k

Day Two = 10k

Day Three = Half Marathon

Day Four = Marathon

Day Five = Eat and sleep

Yup I’m mad – but so are Rachel and Alma who are doing it with me! At least they’re running at the moment, todays training run was my first in about 3 months – we’re coming to the end of an extension/complete house renovation and I just haven’t been able to think about anything but that. Rubbish excuse I know – I’m paying for it now…

Anyhoo, here I am, I’m going to catch up with all your blogs over the next week as well so we can have a two way thang going on…

For those of you that are interested I’ll also be doing a before and after house blog, nothing at all to do with running but a good way to share with family and friends that are nosy want to see how we’ve done!

Todays training

2 mi truffle shuffle




4 comments on “The Dopey Challenge

  • The Walt Disney marathons are amazing. Definitely make sure you wear your medals round the parks afterwards for hidden perks and the runners retreat is definitely worth paying for

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